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December 4, 2012
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Stephano awoke, his frail body was drenched in frigid sweat as he panted heavily, trying to slow his racing heart. His sheets were strewn across the bed, covering every inch of it except for his shivering golden form. Turning to his right, he hoped for the bed that held the familiar silver form to be there, waiting for him to crawl underneath the covers to give comfort to the young boy. Something to allow the miniature growing statue to assist him in resuming dormancy.

It was vacuous.

Stephano's eyes dilated, brimmed with tears as images of his older sibling being beaten to near death passed by his vision.

He wasn't here.

He rose, glancing around the room they shared, hoping that his brother was simply hiding from their abusive parents. Hoping that his brother was simply pulling the younger one's legs in a joking manner.

Please don't leave. . .

The breeze silently ruffled the large curtains, coming from the window that was left slightly ajar, catching the young male's searching eyes. He remembered pleading. . . begging. . . for his brother not to leave.

For his brother not to leave him alone.

He's gone.

He left while the golden form was slumbering, running out into the icy sheets of water that fell from the gloomy sky above.

The note. . .

It caught his attention as quick as the window did, scrambling over to the small slip of paper and clutching it closely to his form, crinkling some parts between his small fingers. Words and sentences were scratched off in some areas, as if the writer had difficulty writing it.

Dear Stephano. . .
Dear Steph.
Dear Brother. . .

I can't take it anymore Steph.
The cuts. . . They burn so much.
I need to leave. . . I need a break.
Please. . .
Please don't think I'm leaving because of you.
I forbid it. . . Just please. . .Make me a promise. Something you won't forget.
Be careful.
Please. . . Don't let mother and father get to you. . . They inflicted the pain on me because I'm not perfect. . .
That's alright.
We'll meet again soon. . . I promise.
Love from your older brother,

As he read the note, heavy tears rolled down his cheeks silently, afraid they might hear him. He made his way over to his messy golden bed, folding the sheets in a neat corner before crawling over to the silver bed and climbing underneath the sheets, trying to get back to sleep.

It wasn't the same.

Because Stephano knew what Gonzales had been through his whole life up to that point, up to when before he left. Stephano knew that his brother was tired of being constantly abused, constantly bleeding, constantly crying. He knew that Gonzales couldn't handle the abuse from their parents anymore, which is what led him to running away.

There were shouts heard from the other room, loud, drunken, angry shouts. Footsteps pounded on the wooden floors that creaked loudly in pain, protesting as they were stepped upon. The door flung open, streaming in the light from the lit candles that were beyond the door's frame. Two drunken forms came and grabbed the young golden boy, tearing him from the warmth of his older brother's bed. They hacked out disturbing coughs and smelled heavily of alcohol as they yelled at the innocent male, questioning where the silver twin went. Stephano couldn't reply, he was terrified and shocked with fear, which angered the two forms even more. The taller of the two grabbed him by the hair and dragged him out of the room, making the other form follow angrily.

But no matter how far they went, they couldn't cover the pleas from Stephano as he cried out in pain, wishing his brother would be there to come rescue him.

But he knew better.

He knew Gonzales wasn't coming back home. Ever.

No matter how much Stephano begged.

It wasn't the bone chilling feel of a nightmare that can grasp you tightly, dragging you away in between it's evil clutches. . . It was Gonzales' life, it was worse than any living nightmare.
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Okay so first off, iApologize for being a ghost and not putting up like. . . ANYTHING.
iHavent been inspired lately :/ school is sucking the life out of me D:
But yeah, we didn't WANT to put this one up for a long time, only because this is the SECOND part to a story.
But yeah, you know? We got to give you bros something.
Besides, we think this will be like a sort of "tease" for you.
Also~! . . .
This is a *SNEAK PEEK* to a novel that Equinox and iHave in mind.
Something called. . .
"What happens in the past stays in the past"
ORRR. . .
"As time ticks on"
Vote below iSuppose?
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