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October 1, 2012
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Stephano. . .

Clank. . . Clank. . . Clank. . .

I took consideration of my feet falling one after the other, trailing everyone. Head sunken and eyes occluded, I assumed I was a prisoner to them, hauling the rear with bloodshot eyes.

I overheard PewDie's chuckle, making my head shoot upwards for what felt like the millionth time that minute.

He faced Cry, the lantern he clasped illuminated the Archives we recently strolled into, laughing as Cry told him a story about how he had drifted off while. . . recording?

What the hell did that mean?

My vision blurred somewhat at the borders, making me blink several times before I froze in my spot, glued to it.

They all were turned towards me, devilish smiles all plastered on each of their faces.

PewDie held a whip, the cracking of it ringing in my eardrums.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Crack goes the whip.

I blinked again, hoping it was all a lie, but only watching as they seemed to turn around again.

What the hell is going on?

I felt like I lost control of my body as a scream emitted from the back of my throat, the image of PewDie holding the whip constantly coming back into my head. He wasn't holding the whip, I knew he couldn't hurt me like that, he would never.

Or would he?

I didn't want to find out.

My hand shot out towards my sword, only to find a vacant space in it's place, remembering how it was confiscated before we set out.

My feet flew over the stones, past everyone, before I could let anything happen to me, adding another scar into my life.

PewDie. . .

I chased after my fractured golden friend, not letting him feel pain.

I didn't know how far I ran, twisting through countless corridors and rooms, I didn't know how I kept up with him. I knew when I saw him though.

He was in a corner, his cuffed hands twitching madly as he kept his gaze downward towards my feet. Sweat beaded across his forehead as he shook violently, making me fill with worry and pain.

So much pain.

I crouched down to his level, sitting on top of my legs as I faced him.

"Stephano?" I whispered, bringing a hand up to his cheek.

He yanked away automatically with a hiss, making me jump back in alarm. He continued his deranged state, shaking wildly and whispering in French.

His blood slowly dripped onto the stone floor, the cuffs pressing into his skin roughly.

I reached out towards his hand, in an attempt to fix his wound, only to have him shriek out. He brought his hands closer to his chest, his eyes mad and wild.

"Don't touch." He whispered harshly, his words as jittery as the rest of him.

"B-But--" I tried, causing him to begin screaming. His screams seemed to pierce through the very walls of Brennenberg, causing every sound to hush over his booming scream.

I didn't know what to do.

I panicked.

So I kissed him.

Stephano. . .

It wasn't the fear of knowing at any minute a bro could come and slay us both. It wasn't the constant reminder I was supposed to stay strong for him.

It was him himself.

His lips were pressed firmly to mine, making me freeze for a split second before returning it, tangling my fingers in his hair. His lips were soft, and sweet.

I slowly pulled him closer, craving for his touch, and gently bit his bottom lip. Shocks ran up and down my spine as my mind cleared and hooked my finger on the bottom of his shirt.

Cry. . .

What was taking them so long?

After Pewds ran off after that lunatic Stephano, Piggeh, Mr. Chair,  and I made camp in a room surrounded by books and alcohol.

"Hey, in case we ever get bored reading this stuff while we're drunk, maybe we can---" Piggeh started.

I cut him off, knowing what Pewds had told me about the pink haired male, "No thank you friend."

Piggeh frowned before sitting on my lap, wrapping his legs around my neck and pulling me closer, "You sure?" He whispered softly.

Mr. Chair spoke up before I could answer him, "I'm pretty sure he said no Piggeh." He stated, not looking up at us as he started a small fire in the dusty fireplace.

Piggeh opened his mouth to reply a slick comment when the door flung open. Stood underneath is was Pewds, Stephano silently behind.

Pewds showed no emotion, yet Stephano seemed as if he could leap out of his skin with excitement.

What the hell happened now?
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Team Stephano: 35
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