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August 31, 2012
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PewDie. . .

The sun shone bright in my eyes, causing me to squint against it.

I slowly sat up to find Stephano and Cry sitting in the middle of the room, conversing about ways to escape the castle, fighting tactics, and such.

Stephano's back was towards me, Cry facing my direction.

I felt warmth course through my body for a moment, What was up with that dream...?

Cry noticed me up out of the corner of his eyes, or mask, and beckoned me over.

I slowly got up and staggered over to them, sitting on the floor.

"But I'll be able to fight them off while you all run." Stephano said impatiently.

"Well that's a nice way to get yourself killed friend." Cry said, rubbing his temples tiredly.

I stifled a yawn, "What the hell...?" I asked, speaking my thoughts aloud.

When were they friends...? I wondered.

Stephano simple shook his head, "Ways to escape."

I looked around the large room for a minute then sighed, face palming myself, "Either we missed a room back where Mr. Water Monster likes to splash or we have to break that window." I pointed up at it, rubbing my eyes with my other hand.

Stephano leaned back and stretched his long crossed legs out, "This was the only door to enter through. I didn't see any other doors except for this one, which is why I directed you all to come here while I fought that water beast off."

"Maybe we have to go back?" I suggested.

Cry shook his head, "What's the point in going back? To run back into that thing that lurks in those dark waters? No, just keep moving forward. Besides, I think your idea is pretty clever Pewds. Let's try it." He announced, standing up and stretching his arms above his head.

I watched Cry as he went over to awaken Piggeh and Mr. Chair. I laid my head on Stephano's lap and yawned, desperate for something to rest my head on.

I'm so tired...

Stephano grinned as he pushed a few blonde strands of hair out of my glowing aqua eyes.

"Good morning you fucking pussy." He said jokefully.

I cracked an exhausted smile and closed my eyes, listening to Cry wake up Mr. Chair.

"Stephano... Is it true what you said before?" I asked curiously, opening my eyes and meeting his.

Stephano. . .


I looked deeply into his blue eyes, feeling the heat and panic rise up within me.

Does he already know?!?



I paused for a moment before asking slowly, "About what...?"

PewDie grinned up at me, "About you being a god." He said simply. He paused for a moment before adding in lightly, as he held a hand to my cheek, "You look so cute when you blush Stephano..."


I felt my heart sink to my stomach, yet felt relieved.

He didn't hear me...



Realizing the blond gamer was still waiting for a response, I chuckled and messed up his hair on purpose, pretending as if I never heard that last part.

"Of course I was!" I exclaimed happily. I paused for a quick second before adding in, "...but then I was like 'meh.'"

PewDie laughed as he stood, "Wow Stephano..." He said tiredly, rubbing his eyes and stretching his arms.

I grinned inwardly to myself.

He's so cute...

Admitting this to myself made me feel... different.

I watched as he went over and brofisted a still groggy Mr. Chair. He then went over to Cry and knocked him away from a still sleeping Piggeh playfully.

"Don't worry about it Cry." He joked before slapping the shirtless pink haired male bare on his back.

The force caused him to squeal, jumping up automatically.

"I'm pumped!" He yelled in alarm.

We all laughed in unison as Mr. Chair tossed Piggeh's wrinkled shirt towards him. PewDie went over and grabbed a dusty book that sat by the window and cracked a smirk, "Something bad is going to happen." He announced to us all before he threw the book hard against the glass.

The class cracked like a spider's web and shattered open, the sun light seeming to be only a trick to our eyes. We were all left in the darkness, frozen to our spots, unsure if we should continue down the long tunnel that stood where the window once was.

PewDie took a step forward and a growl emitted from behind us, causing the blonde swede to take off running, "Jag är trött på det här jävla skiten!" He yelled, as Piggeh and Mr. Chair quickly followed behind him. Me and Cry took up the rear and ran, the bro hot on our tail as we sprinted down the tunnel, the walls getting closer and closer to us.

Stone was what surrounded us, one false move and we're dead.

PewDie. . .

We ran, breaking into a room with hardly any light. My lantern casted eerie shadows along the many rows of bookshelves.

I took a quick scan around as Piggeh and Mr.Chair came tumbling in, "W-Where are they?"

Cry. . .

Feet racing, heart pounding, head throbbing.

Being chased by these monsters is never fun.

I ran along side with Stephano, feeling the tunnel start to tremble around us, like an earthquake. Stephano grabbed me and pushed me ahead of him, making us both tumble into the room. PewDie looked at us worriedly before Stephano yanked him and pushed him forward, "Run you idiot!"

Stephano. . .

"Run ahead!" I yelled out to PewDie, "We'll catch up!"

PewDie was reluctantly pulled through the new door by Piggeh in order to continue forth, leaving me and Cry behind as we ran away from three bros.

We soon, were surrounded by the beasts, they growled darkly as they loomed closer to us.

Cry and I pressed our backs against each other and I pulled out my sword, ready to battle. Cry pulled out a small knife from his pocket and held it out defensively.

"When the he--" I began.

"You never know when you'll need it." He interjected.

Cry leapt forward and pounced onto one of the bros, easily catching it off guard and knocking it down. He struggled with it as I dogged and blocked attacks from the two bros that were attacking me.

Cry killed the bro he tackled down, it's blood spraying everywhere, before he came and brought down another bro. Through his struggles, he managed to say out loud to me, "Just so you know, me and PewDie are dating."

Every muscle in my body froze, What?

I didn't realize I dropped my sword in shock until it clanged loudly on the stone floor.

... W-What?

The bro came at me and cut deeply into my arms then cutting an "X" on my chest before Cry managed to kill it.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel the pain...

I turned to Cry, shooting daggers of a darkened death glare at him, and asked the same question that ran through my mind, "What?"
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