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October 26, 2012
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Stephano. . .

I took in the flames on the wick of the candle as it danced graciously in the surrounding darkness, it giving out the only illuminating glow.

I couldn't resume my dormancy.

What had caused me to break so easily? I had dishonored myself, made myself look like a fool.

I was frail.

But. . . I couldn't shake away the feelings I've had for PewDie. It was wrong, the kiss we shared earlier, but I enjoyed it. I loved the warm feel of his lips against my cool, metallic, golden ones. I craved the feel of his touch, how he held me so carefully. . . so close.

I just. . .

The rustling sound of dead leaves pulled me away from my thoughts, the soft breeze that caressed me sent goosebumps trailing along my skin, causing me to shiver. As I rubbed my arms, hoping for some warmth to reach them once more, my gaze wondered as I watched a form sit upwards, rubbing their head as if they had just slammed it into the cracked stone floor beneath them.

Curious as to see who it was, my attention was directed towards them fully, squinting out into the unnatural darkness that is Brennenberg.

It was Mr. Chair.

I assumed that he was trying to locate his glasses, as I watched him pat around the floor blindly.

"They're over here." I whispered softly, causing him to turn his attention, his auburn eyes landing on me.

He seemed uneasy as he shakily made his way over and retrieved his glasses. Placing his glasses back in their rightful place, he stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do. Sensing I wasn't of any harm towards him, he slowly slid down the wall that my exhausted form was slumped against. Silence was thick over us, which left an uneasy feeling emitted in the surrounding.

We were never silent when we're in the other's company.

"Look. . . I'm sorry for. . . Being that way." I stated slowly, unsure of how to open conversation, much less how he would react.

"Don't be. . . I cut you. I'm sorry." Mr. Chair replied silently, not meeting my gaze.

I frowned, confused for a moment before I looked down at my wrists. The sliced up bloody mess was ghastly to look at, making me look back up towards him.

"What this?" I questioned, sliding the handcuffs upwards a bit, exposing the horrid looking gashes that burrowed deep into my delicate golden skin. I earned a nod from him as I shook my head, looking downward and playing with the cool metal that locked my hands together tightly.

"It's okay. . . I deserved it." I said, my voice barely above a whisper, but it held all the shame in it at once.

Silence fell over us once more before I turned towards him again, my voice much softer than it had ever been, making me feel exposed.

"Can you please take these off? They're hurting quite a bit. . . " I questioned the male in front of me softly, hoping he could see the true pain that was in my eyes from the metal device.

He looked into my eyes for a moment before slowly nodding and pulling out his key. Slipping the key into the small lock, he unlocked my wrists free, the metal mechanism clanging loudly on the floor.

Mr. Chair returned the handcuffs and key to Piggeh as I rubbed my wrists, blood seeping through the deep gashes. Giving up as the crimson liquid smeared on my golden form, I sighed and watched as Mr. Chair slid down the wall next to me once more.

There was a long pause before Mr. Chair finally turned towards me and met my eyes, "So. . . What does it feel like? Loving PewDie?" He asked slowly, as if he was teaching a child how to wield a sword for the first time.

My cheeks burned as I looked down at my crossed legs, playing with a tear of cloth by my ankle.

Keeping my gaze downward, I replied softly, "It feels. . . marvelous. My feelings for him never stop increasing in strength. . . I love him, he's my weakness."

Jesus Christ, I must be copper colored by now.

We sat there for a long while, speaking openly. . . Well, at least me. As I spoke, Mr. Chair listened carefully and gave me advice, whether it had to do with my past or loving PewDie, he was showing me how to hold my emotions together.

We finally reached a part in the conversation that made me slow down as I thought. Mr. Chair noticed almost instantly as he piped up, "What is it?" He pressed on softly.

I looked towards PewDie as I spoke softly, seeming to whisper, "Can we do it? All of us? Can we escape this realm? Go follow PewDie into his?" I questioned him silently.

Mr. Chair seemed reluctant before replying, his tone gaining an edge of seriousness that frightened me.

"Maybe. . . But we could become corrupted,  by a bit, but still corrupted."

Dammit, sometimes I hate being a statue in a video game.

Nodding, Mr. Chair and I rose to awaken the group.

. . . Something felt off.

Cry. . .

We went running down a hallways that never seemed to end. Hand in hand, we continued running. Running until we reached the door that promised us escape from the dark and evil cackles behind us. Swinging open the door, we squinted as the outside light blinded us, having not seen any light with such intensity in a long while.

It was a peaceful kind of scenery, beautiful open meadow with trees far off in the distance, waving along with the gentle warm summer breeze that tickled my skin.

. . . Where he stood.

Stephano held his bloodied sword, surrounded by the fallen dead bodies of the others. He turned towards us slowly. . . tauntingly. I grabbed Pewds' hand and backed away slowly from the derailed lunatic that made my adrenaline spike skywards. He stared us down for a moment before a streak of gold flew by in a blur.

Suddenly Pewds wasn't next to me anymore.

I felt so vulnerable now.

Stephano grinned madly as he swung his sword again, inching forwards towards me. Pewds stood behind him, as if he chose to freely stand there. My backside hit the walls of the castle, causing me to panic and search wildly for a second escape route.

As Stephano inched closer, I was able to hear his repeating phrase once, twice, multiple times.

"You'll be wrapped in chains forever."

I bolted upright, automatically feeling my body quiver and drenched in sweat as my breathing came in shallow pants. I felt something slip from my shoulder as I turned, finding Mr. Chair already rising from his crouching to awaken up a snoring Piggeh. I yawned, stretching my hands high above my head, followed by rubbing my tired eyes.

And then I saw it. . .

Through the eye holes of my mask I saw Stephano bent over Pewds' form, reaching a golden hand out towards him.

Before I could register what was going on, I felt myself lurch forward and knock his form away from the slumbering gamer.

Stephano grunted in pain as we landed roughly on the stone packed floor, pushing me off as he swore in what sounded like French. A small scream escaped from the back of my throat as I wrestled him down to the floor.

"No! You can't take him! I will not be in chains!" I yelled at him, feeling Mr. Chair yank me away from Stephano as Piggeh roughly yanked back the golden Frenchman, pulling him into a headlock.

"What the hell! I was just going to wake him up so we can progress!" He shouted angrily at me as he attempted to wrench away Piggeh's tight grip, venom dripping from his words as he spat them out at me.

I tried to wrestle my arms free but was surprised by Mr. Chair's strength. Catching Stephano's last few words, I paused.

"Oh. . . Okay." I stated slowly as Mr. Chair released me cautiously, going off to awaken the Swedish male himself.

Piggeh still had a confused Stephano locked in his grip, worried he would snap at any given moment.

Pewds woke up silently, rubbing his shimming sapphire eyes before standing, automatically grabbing onto the lantern.

No "Hello good morning?" No "Hey, how are you doing today?"

Nope. Just a silent Pewds.

Silent Pewds can be a dangerous Pewds.

I took note of how he wouldn't even dare look at Stephano's direction. I saw how much pain was concealed behind the golden man's shimmering yellow eyes as he was finally released, standing upright.

"Let's go. " Pewds said flatly before exiting the room, all of us silently following him.

I hope the exit is close.
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Team Stephano: 69
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This idea was created by these awesome pictures so go check them out please --->…
They were drawn by these awesome people, so go check their pages out please ---> ~landnaruto123 & ~Kaktus-chan


Thanks to ~SilverRoxas for helping me edit.
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