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September 7, 2012
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Mr. Chair. . .

I scrutinized the crumpled ashen stonework for what seemed like forever.

I couldn't resume slumbering.

I was. . . petrified. . .

Stephano had escaped from his jail cell, I was bewildered by why he didn't draw near to murder me first. He crept up to murder Cry in his dormancy, his thirst for Cry's blood dripping on his fingertips making him beg not to be acknowledged by anyone else.

I was content Piggeh was cognizant and keeping watch at the moment, or we all would have been bloodless by now, trapped in this lurid world forever.

Stephano didn't go out without a fight though, that's why I admire him. He fought as Piggeh dragged him back into his own jail cell and locked him up. Once Stephano was trapped, he attempted to break the iron bars with anything he could find, screaming sentences that sounded like pure bloody hell.

It had woken everyone up uneasily, shooting fear up each one of our spines, crawling up like spider fingers and burning through us as heated as a flaming demon and leaving an imprint in us each.

Stephano had finally given out when I had opened my eyes and met his gaze. Stephano's eyes were no longer their usual bright golden, they'd been replaced with a dark copper that was seemingly darker than his older twin brother's skin.

I rolled over onto my opposite side and my amber eyes locked with Stephano's now copper ones automatically. He glared at me darkly, his eyes seemed like caged lions, ready to pounce. He had blood smeared entirely on his left side of his face, splotches smudged on his once beautiful golden tunic. His shredded golden clothing revealing ripped skin, bruises, cuts, and even the whites of some his bones. His hands were cuffed together and rested tiredly on his crossed legs.

I watched as the cuffs buried deep into the wrist where I sliced him deep to the bone to save Cry's life, making me suddenly much more conscious of how deadly my Ex-Best Bro could be.

His eyes showed such impatience and intensity it made me turn away, afraid he could burn and rip through my soul, threatening to choke my soul from the inside out.

It seemed like hours before I finally began to slip back to slumber. . .

But not before I heard him whisper to himself darkly. . .

Cry. . .

I watched the demolished former god as he whispered silently to himself, knowing I was the reason for him becoming this way. I eradicated him from the marrow of his bones, making his soul scream it out through insanity.

He loved PewDie.

But so do I.

I had to let it out in some way, I just didn't know how. I had concealed my feelings for PewDie for as long as I could, but I finally burst and spewed out the truth.

Now he wants my blood smeared everywhere.

The golden man raised his head and turned it towards me, slowly and tauntingly. His voice was barely a whisper, but it sent shivers throughout my body and made me want to scream out loud.

"Cry. . ."

Stephano. . .

Heart beating wildly. Blood running smoothly. Clocks chiming as it struck the twelfth hour.

My memories rang through my head wildly, all at once, all on top of each other. They all blared, craving to snap my attention towards them.

Snippets of each ran by, making me collapse to my side and grasp my skull tightly.

When it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love. . .

My mother faintly whispering the same line in my head as flashes of her being beaten by my father flashed. I felt myself rise and grab my blood stained crate, smashing it into the iron bars and watching it's thorns fly madly.

"Is there anyone out there, `cuz it's getting harder and harder to breathe. . ."

I whispered to myself as images of my mother's corpse laying dead flashed by, making me continue chucking stray scraps of wood at the iron bars, desperate to save her.

You build me up, you knock me down. . .

My father cornering me into a dark corner blurred my view from what was real and what wasn't, making me drop to my knees weakly, tears freely flowing down my face as I looked past the blurred iron bars towards PewDie. I yearned for his touch, for him to tell me I was safe in his arms.

I'm full of regrets, for all the things I've done and said. .

She passed through my head, flashing by quickly as we sat by the fire, kissed, held each other close. . . Her poisoned body limp in my arms. . .

I gripped my head tightly and let out a wail.

"PewDie. . . !"

PewDie. . .

I lurched up in alarm, hearing what was left of faint whimpering and agonized moans. I turned towards Stephano's jail cell and found him clutching his head tightly, wailing to himself in the darkness.

A pang of guilt stabbed my heart like a dagger as I watched, making me rise to my feet.

I strode over to Piggeh and silently claimed the key of the cell before striding over to the iron door.

Slowly, I unlocked the door and stepped inside, instantly closing it behind me and locking it with a click. I tossed the key close to where Piggeh laid unconscious next to an unmoving Cry and dormant Mr. Chair.

I crawled over to Stephano as he slowly shattered into a million pieces of sharp shards of glass.

"Stephano. . ." I whispered quietly towards him. He responded back with a small whimper, curling up tensely.

"Shhh. . ." I cooed as I pulled him onto my lap slowly, laying his head on my chest as we sat on the floor.

He gripped onto me tightly and sobbed into my shirt. I gently brushed his hair away from his bloody and tear stained face, fixing it behind his left ear.

"Don't worry about it Stephano. . . Don't worry about it. . . I have you. . . You're safe now. . ."

Piggeh. . .

"Aw yeah!" I exclaimed as Cry, Mr.Chair, and I watched PewDie asleep with a clutching Stephano.

Cry looked uneasy as he picked up the key and handed it towards me, "Go wake them up." He said silently. "He doesn't hate you yet."

I nodded and took the key, "I'm pumped. . . Let's get some threesome action done!"

Mr.Chair rolled his eyes and Cry let out a nervous chuckle as I smirked, striding over to the door and unlocking it casually.

If only Stephano wasn't so. . . Insane last night. I would've gotten some enjoyment out of that.

I walked in silently and just laid myself on top of the two, having no other normal way to arise them from their slumber.

PewDie was first to awaken, "W-What the hell?" He muttered as he looked up at me and met my eyes.

I fluttered my eyelashes and put on a seductive voice, "Good morning beautiful. . . Have a nice sleep?"

He let out a soft chuckle as he pushed me off, "Get off. . ."

I exaggerated a hurt expression before laughing, "Well, I'm always here in case. . . You know. . . You want me to show you some Piggeh Slide action? I have a newer version of it in case you want to try it out."

Stephano's eyes fluttered open as PewDie slowly began to sat up and he panicked, gripping onto PewDie like a lifeline.

"Shhh. . . It's alright Stephano. Just sitting up." He said calmly.

I frowned for a moment, "Since when did Zeus over here need babying?"

He shook his head, "He's going through something." He replied simply.

I nodded light, knowing I shouldn't intrude on it.

Ha, odd for me. . . Right?

It wouldn't last for long though.
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Team Stephano: 38
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Here's The Songs In Order From How They Appear In The Story:
Harder To Breathe {Two Lines} ~>…
Shiver {One Line} ~>…
Tangled {One Line} ~>…


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