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January 30, 2013
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PewDie. . .

Choose one. . .

I had the indistinguishable, disconcert nightmare I had nights before, which caused my skin to writhe in its own discomfort. It was as if meager creatures were invading my body, struggling to hijack my mind and thoughts. My attitude, however, was indifferent as Cry, Stephano, and I proceeded onward. Cry was on my left side, recalling an amusing story about one of our past “Let’s Plays.” Stephano was on my right side, noiselessly striding as his gaze shot outward in front of us, sharp and keen.

The Stephano I knew.

Although, he would constantly glance at either me or at his bloodied wrists, incapable to see the gold it concealed beneath. I released a distraught sigh, repositioning the matted clump of hair away from my eyes and out of my sight. My emotions felt like they were soaring everywhere, as if they’ve gone haywire and I couldn’t control them,. Nonetheless be granted the permission to dwell on the thought as I scrambled to organize them.

Who to pick?

Who to take?

Who to abandon for good?

Stephano. . .

I could sense the uncertainty that hung heavily in the air, the feeling radiating off of PewDie’s body, as if he was trying to calculate the outcomes to a decision in his head.

I sighed in defeat as I peered through the darkness, struggling to make out forms as we trekked through. The more we advanced however, the gradually closer we got to the exit. That only meant one thing. . .

It will be the last time I would see PewDie.

Certainly, only Mr. Chair and myself know that once PewDie and Cry leave, they won’t be able to return. Sure, they may still play the game as they please, but it won’t be them.

I was relieved by the fact I most likely wouldn’t have to deal with Cry ever again. But with PewDie. . . It ached my heart at the thought of watching him leave forever.

I shook those thoughts away, knowing they were useless at this point. I know they both miss their homes, no matter how long we stay with them, they’ll want to spread their wings soon.

Why can’t Cry be the only one to leave?

Thud. . . Thud. . . Thud. . . Scraaaaaaatch. . .

I brought my head up, as I had dropped it while rummaging through my thoughts, finding myself staring at the two frozen forms I knew as Pewdie and Cry. They seemed to be deep in thought, straining to hear something in the pitch black darkness of the castle.


“Shh, don’t speak. Cry says he heard something.” Pewdie whispered, pressing his finger against my lips gently, as the motion was somehow calming. It amazed me to see Pewdie so calm, then again, ever since he woke up he hasn’t been the same.

What have I done? Have I changed him? Have I corrupted him?

I silently laid one hand on my glittering sword, the other on the wall next to me, watching the flames of the torch nearby. I strained my hearing, trying to pick up on what Cry supposedly heard.

. . . There.

I turned abruptly, yanking my sword out from it’s sheath, the metallic sound ringing down the halls and echoing throughout the area. I faced Pewdie and the others, “Run. Now.” I commanded forcefully, just as the siren like growl of the monster came from behind me, signifying that it had picked up our scent.

“No, I’m not leaving you behind!” Pewdie yelled as the others began to flee, Cry standing nervously next to him as he tugged on his friend’s arm.

“GO PEWDIE! RUN YOU IDIOT! RUN!” I shouted at him, shoving him in the direction the others went. Eventually, he went, reluctantly dragged down the halls by Cry.

I turned and swung my sword just as the beast came up behind me, launching itself at me with it’s claws outstretched in attack.

Pewdie. . .


That’s the feeling that’s been coursing through my veins since that dream, that dream of home. How blue the sky looked painted across the canvas of the world, dotted with white balls of fluff and how the splendid the food tasted when you bit into it, flavor dancing along your tongue and sliding down your throat with glee. It made me yearn for it as it slipped away between my fingers, taunting me with evil objectives of making my time here smaller and my yearning larger.

Just as Stephano did when he shoved me away and ran off to battle.

Cry raced ahead of me, yanking on my arm as we weaved through the endless amounts of hallways and bedrooms, not pausing to take a breather until the sounds of clanging and deep growls were out of earshot. Cry, after what seemed like an endless race, finally slowed his pace to a slight jog as he came upon an open room.

Dead end.

I panted, not aware of far we’d run in such a short given amount of time and mildly surprised at the fact that my legs were able to keep up with Cry’s frantic running. Piggeh and Mr. Chair studied a lofty door, laying their fingertips on the jagged, ligneous surface as they exchanged silent words.

“Well, what have you found friends?” Cry questioned, scanning the door from top to bottom as he sauntering over to the pair. I mutely trailed behind the brunette, head inclined in confusion. “Is this the exit?” I questioned, looking at the trio that turned to me, perplexed looks plastered on their faces. I held up a small, rusted key.

“It’s the only key we have left. Not like this castle is neverending. It has an exit. Isn’t it this-”

Clank. . .

I turned swiftly, seeing my golden companion standing there, his golden orbs staring right back into my blue ones. The golden warrior was a bloody and torn mess, as his upper tunic had been shredded away, the remains laying over his bare shoulder. Deep cuts and dark bruises were scattered in a colorful display on his built form, causing me to walk over worriedly and place a small hand on his chest, “You okay?”

“Peachy.” He responded flatly, brushing past me and up to the door. “This it?” He asked, voice becoming much softer than how he responded to me.

He sounded hurt. Physically and emotionally.

I found words harder to formulate, struggling to come to and respond Stephano, words tying together on my tongue. Luckily though, Cry nodded in response for me, “Yeah. This is it. Home.”

Stephano struggled to take a breath as he turned towards me, motioning me to accompany the group as he and Piggeh dragged open each door, blinding white light flooding the dark room and revealing its features. Towering roof above us, hay piles littered beneath our feet, and the promise of escape all around us.


It was there, I could feel it, coursing through the blood in my body and traveling throughout me. It’s departure, my mind, it’s destination, my heart. I smiled softly, closing my eyes and thinking of the promise of home. Of the comfortable leather seat, laughing and recording alongside with Cry, sputtering insults and jokes in the other’s direction.

Then there was here. My second home.

Sure, sure. What the hell kind of home is this? Racing away from beasts that attempted to slaughter you just for existing, cowering in dark corners as breathing hitched at dangerous levels, passing around small scraps of food as we struggled to continue our adventure. This place was like home to me as well, I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving this place. For it wasn’t only the place I would miss, it was the ones who’d I brought along the way, the ones that made the adventure much more than what it was.

Stephano laid a hand on my shoulder gently, pulling me out from my thoughts. His left hand was clamped shut in a fist, as if he held something within. I shot a quick glance over to the others, finding they were biding their own farewells.

This is it.

I swallowed nervously as Stephano held up his hand and opened it, a golden chain resting inside of it. I’d seen the chain before hundreds of times. The chain was simple, no fancy designs or special modifications done to it. What brought beauty to the slim chain was the golden sword that hung at the end, gold crafted beautifully as different designs of flame and water was etched into it. The patterns though, were worn out with age, and were now like that of small watermarks. I slowly plucked it out of Stephano’s hand as he explained.

“My brother, Gonzales. He made it for me when I was a child. You know my past, no need repeating it.” He chuckled nervously, “He crafted it for me when I asked him about his. He has a matching one in silver. . . Somewhere.” Stephano mumbled sadly, holding up the necklace to show the miniscule ‘Steph’ etched on the back of it. It caused him to smile fondly as he reached out, “Here. Let me put it on you.” He said silently.

I nodded, handing him my headsets before turning around, allowing him access to my neck. He hesitated for a moment before I felt him near closer to me, watching the gold piece of art pass by my vision, feeling the cool surface of the pendant lay across my chest and soaking up my body heat easily.

I turned back towards Stephano, unable to help the goofy smile on my face as I soaked in his reaction. His expression was of pure pride and joy as he reached out again, going to place my headsets back in their rightful place. I shook my head, grabbing his arm and gently shoving it away.

“If I can keep something that belongs to you, you can keep something that belongs to me.” I grinned at him, assisting him in wrapping the headsets around his neck. I chuckled softly as he fingered the thin wires before meeting my eyes once more, goofy grin on his face.

“T-Thank you PewDie.” He stammered before pulling me into a tight hug, not releasing me for a long while. I patted his back gently, hugging my best bro back. I felt like I was at peace for a moment, as if nothing could interrupt this final goodbye.

Of course something would.

I felt the gentle tapping of Cry against my shoulder blade, pulling me away from Stephano, “We have to go, Pewds.” He said simply, before strolling towards the exit, awaiting for me to accompany him. I looked at Stephano, whom slowly backed a few feet up.

“Don’t be such a pussy.” He joked, holding back laughter. I rolled my eyes as I went over to the door, “Don’t get yourself killed.”

He only shook his head, “No promises. Especially if you’re the reason why
we’re about to get killed.”

I shook my head at Stephano, bidding my farewells to Mr. Chair and Piggeh, embracing each in a caring, yet swift hug.

I was now standing next to Cry, hand in hand as my head craned back to watch each of the faces I’ve grown so accustomed to seeing each day, taking my first step forward with Cry and into the blinding light of the real world.

Stephano. . .

I'd watch them leave, but something didn't sit right. Something wasn't right, watching them disappear into the white void.

Before I could react, my legs had taken off on their own, racing after them in the void.

"PewDie!" I yelled, hearing the footfalls of Mr. Chair and Piggeh after me as I chased after the gamers.


Kuefer. . .

"C'mon! Before the door closes!" I yelled at my brothers, dragging them along by their sleeves as our boss followed behind, silver tunic whipping behind him as we ran.

"There!" Cade shouted, pointing to the door that was nearly shut. "Hurry!"

Legs sprinting fast over the concrete walls of the castle, we just made it through, leaping into the white void and into the real world.

We were going to get that gamer if it was the last thing we did.
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Team Cry: 42
Team Stephano: 37
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This idea was created by these awesome pictures so go check them out please --->…
They were drawn by these awesome people, so go check their pages out please ---> landnaruto123 & Kaktus-chan


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