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August 6, 2012
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Stephano. . .
I had to be alert now, there was a bro nearby. I have to focus, for PewDie's sake. I turned to PewDie and . . . What was his name again? Cry? Odd name, I thought. I saw them laughing at some slogan they said "Bro Day Every Day." What is that supposed to mean? Then I saw them brofist and my eyes narrowed, that was a thing between me and PewDie. I automatically knew that I didn't like this new found friend of PewDie. I would much rather prefer Piggeh over this stranger. . . Okay, no I won't but that's beside the point. I finally spoke after watching the two shove each other around playfully for a while, "PewDie, you idiot, shut off your lantern. Did you forget there is a bro nearby?"  PewDie looked up and met my eyes, I felt that small feeling of my heart skipping a beat and he answered smirking as he always did, "Alright Stephano. It's okay, look." He said as he shut off the lantern, "All done. Now where are we hiding?" I opened my eyes wide, able to see better in the darkness. I located a small wooden door at the end of the Wine Cellar then came up to where I saw PewDie's and Cry's silhouettes and said silently, "I found a door at the end of this room. Just be quiet BOTH of you and don't make a sound." I turned to PewDie, "You mostly, you always making noises." PewDie nodded softly, "Okay mother." He answered back. I heard Cry stifle a laugh and I grabbed the boy's hood near his throat, "Listen you. I don't trust you at all. I suggest you not test my patience level at the moment. There's a fucking monster out and you have to laugh about stupid shit." PewDie put his hand on my arm and said calmly, "Stephano, put him down." I frowned and slowly put the trembling boy down and simply nodded, "Let's continue." I walked on towards the door with both of them following behind me. I heard PewDie mutter a small apology on my half but heard no reply from Cry. I really didn't trust him. I grabbed the knob to the door and gave it a tug, but it wouldn't open. Cry came up slowly to where the knob was and said quietly while handing me a key, "Here you g-go. I found it earlier." I gave a quick nod and unlocked the door with the small shining key. I opened the door and peeked inside, finding it safe for PewDie, I opened the door fully. PewDie and Cry managed three steps into the corridor before I saw it. The bro was hiding in the shadows, tauntingly, as if it was following us. I met its eyes and it gave out a roar, scaring the life out of PewDie and Cry both. PewDie shrieked and clutched onto Cry, who seemed to be trembling. I shut the door tight and the bro started beating down the door, splinters flying everywhere. "Run PewDie!" I yelled at him, pushing him forward. He stumbled a few clumsy steps forward before he ran, tugging Cry along with him. He yelled at the top of his lungs, "I FUCKING HATE CORRIDORS!!!" Cry managed to keep up with PewDie somehow and I heard PewDie constantly telling Cry, "Don't worry about it Cry." They turned a corner and I couldn't hear them any longer. I didn't want to leave PewDie alone with Cry but it was my only choice. I unsheathed my sword and took a few steps back, waiting to fight the bro. It finally broke down the door and let out a growl, meeting my eyes. I got my sword ready as the vicious beast slashed its claw out at me.

Cry. . .
I was still panting after several minutes of lying on my back. The green bed had provided enough space for me and Pewds, but he refused to relax. I finally sat up and watched him pace back and forth by the fire I started. I crossed my legs and said quietly, "Pewds, relax. Stephano will be just fine." I didn't really want Stephano back, he almost killed me and he snapped at me for laughing. I didn't understand what Stephano's problem was with me, but I decided it was best not to ask. Pewds shook his head defiantly, "No. I'm worried about Stephano. It's been almost an hour." I nodded silently, remembering that he refused to progress without Stephano almost an hour ago. I yawned softly, sensing we were going to be here a while I crawled next to a pillow close by, "Pewds, is it okay if I sleep for a bit. I'm really tired." Pewds turned towards me and thought for a long while then finally nodded, "Yeah sure. It's fine." I nodded gratefully, "Thanks." I said, stifling a yawn. I fell asleep before my head met contact with the pillow.

PewDie. . .
I watched the flame dance in the fireplace, such beauty for such a deadly thing. Cry had fallen asleep hours ago and my legs had refused to pace any further. I sat on the cushioned chair quietly, thinking over about what happened. I heard footsteps, they sounded like they were running. I was about to rise to awaken Cry  when the door flew open, almost flying out of the frame. A male with faded pink hair and matching shirt came in, his shirt bloody and torn. He wore black jeans and matching pink and black vans, Piggeh. He panted tiredly, "I'm so pumped…" Then threw himself on the bed next to Cry's undisturbed form. I watched as another male, my guessing was it was Mr. Chair, came in carrying a golden body and I shot out of my seat. "Where was he?" I asked as he set Stephano down on the small couch. "I don't know. We just found him like this on the floor, a dead bro next to him." He said quickly and quietly. He was all bloody and tired, panting hard. I nodded, "Go rest Mr. Chair." I said, my accent slurring the words. Mr. Chair hesitated for a moment before heading towards the desk muttering quietly, "Chair mode activate." With that, Mr. Chair was out like a light. I noticed how tired everyone was and wondered why I wasn't myself. I sighed and looked down at Stephano, he was still alive. But barely. His chest hardly rose and it worried my deeply as I grabbed all the Ladanananananum I had and put it together. What was worth five of those little bottles filled a glass I found. I adjusted Stephano's head upward and opened his mouth, giving him the Ladanananananum slowly until it ran out. The gashes on his arms and legs vanished quickly, all were left were slight scars and blood marks. I was suddenly overcome with sleep and the last thing I remember seeing was my hand linked to Stephano's. Begging him to wake up.
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This Idea Was Created By These Awesome Pictures So Go Check Them Out Please --->…
They Were Drawn By These Awesome People, So Go Check Their Pages Out Please ---> ~landnaruto123 & ~Kaktus-chan
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Critique by Chill-Krill Aug 6, 2012, 1:23:45 AM
So... first of all, my eyes hurt! That is... just a block of text. You need more space! I mean, try to look over it.
Second, why so short? I mean, it's an epic idea, but if I were you, I'd take a little more time to write / edit it.
Idea? Brilliant, and all my respect. Only one thing is missing. Technique. Lowest mark there. Why? First of all, and the most annoying, the block of text. You might not agree, but with a little more space, it would be so much easier to read. Some sentences sound weird, and they could be rewritten, so it will flow better.
Originality? 5/5! Just... keep working on your technique.
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