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November 6, 2012
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Slamming the decaying wooden door shut behind him, I focused with concerned eyes as Stephano deliberately slid down to the floor, panting heavily.

"I knew you were telling me to go the wrong way!" Stephano exclaimed, clasping me tightly in his clenching fingers, squeezing my fragile being.

"I'm sorry Stephano! I'm sorry. . . " I murmured as he stood, regaining his breath and clearly ignoring me as he placed his golden scimitar away, causing me to whine.

"Aw, come on, be a bro Stephano.." I complained as he continued to ignore me even further, stretching his long limbs above his head tiredly.

"Stephanooo. . . " I pressed on, my small voice desperate as I tried to capture the Frenchman's attention.

He shook his head as he began walking again, finally tuning me in to capture what I was saying, "Just don't make a noise. . ."

I complied, keeping my mouth quiet as we continued adventuring. Stephano carried me for what seemed like hours that were, in reality, only slow passing minutes as we went into countless rooms. Finally, we reached a long corridor that plunged into pure darkness. It was so far, the naked eye couldn't pick up every detail, even with a source light.

"I hate corridors..." I mumbled, more to myself than Stephano, knowing he would make a slick remark.

Stephano rolled his eyes as he rose his hands up to his face, forcing me to meet eye level with him. His bright, golden, adventurous eyes shined with bravery and curiosity all at once as he spoke, "Get over it PewDie... You fucking pussy."

Stephano strode through the corridor with confidence, turning his lantern on as he strolled down the endless hallway. Finally, he reached a velvet crimson door, the door seemed newly placed as it stood in the door frame tauntingly. Reaching a free hand out to grasp the door's handle, I watched as he opened the door, as if there was the pure sign of joy and safety behind it. Inside revealed a vacant room that received light, streaming through a rusted window. I let out a sigh of relief as Stephano passed through the door, nothing horrid happening as he stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. It locked with a loud click behind us both, signifying there was no turning back.

"That's a first." I stated silently, still looking around the room worriedly, expecting a Bro to come and attack at any given moment. Stephano, on the other hand, seemed completely ready for it as his eyes darted around, inspecting for a slight imperfection that seemed off. He nodded softly in agreement as he searched about the room.

The Frenchman was about to stride towards a small desk that occupied a green velvet chair when I noticed who it was. I called out to it, the name coming from my mouth freely, "Cry!"

The chair, seemingly able to speak laughed, his voice smooth like silk, "Hello there friend."

Stephano frowned as he drew closer towards the chair, dazed, wondering if he was dreaming.

"Did that chair just speak? I mean. . . First you, PewDie, and now. . . the chair?" Stephano questioned, trying to catch up on what was going on.

I let out a soft chuckle, "Cryaotic. His name is Cryaotic." I corrected my French friend, teasing him as he stood there dazed, watching between Cry and I as if we'd all lost our minds.

The green chair let out a silent sigh as he corrected me, "Cry. . . My name is Cry. How are you friend?"

I laughed softly, "No. . . Your name is really ChaoticMonki--" I was interrupted by the green velvet chair arguing in front of us.

"No! No! It's Cry! Just Cry!" He shouted, laughing in between his words, causing me to burst in laughter as well. Our laughs echoing throughout the room loudly as we shared that one moment of peace.

Stephano, growing more impatient by the minute, snapped, "Fine. Cry. His name is Cry. Alright? Allos Cry. Now, where in hell's name are we?" He questioned, looking down at the chair as if he was doubting it would answer him back.

Does he still think this is all in his head?
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HOORAY~! Surprise For 100th Deviation To Be Uploaded Onto My DeviantART Page (:


Sorry About That.
But It Bothered Me SO MUCH That iWasnt Able To Write This.
Now It's Up.
And My Brain Could Rest.


This is a story iGot from this picture ---> [link]

The deviant who created the drawing is here. Go check out her page here ---> [link]

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Wolf4821 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
It is being considered (& hopefully incorporated) in the near future. I'm going to try to pick up writing soon. I really do want to continue this particular series - it's one of my favorites. Though, I may go back & re-edit the older pieces. . I have a new style & don't believe the odd transition will be welcome by most.
Nightfang621 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok is Pewdie gonna be able to go into human form but you know stay gold?

I have actually taken up righting I recently uploaded my first story part :excited: 
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the first two parts I managed to give. When I make my return, I'll make sure to put this at the top of the list with everything else .
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