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The blonde Swede prepared himself as he clicked the answering button on his Skype call, knowing what was coming as he lowered the volume mechanism on his computer.

Even with the volume turned down, Marzia, who was sitting on the couch behind the computer, was able to hear the whoops and yells of her boyfriend's friends as they all yelled out their birthday wishes for the celebrated Swede.

He grinned his lopsided grin as he nodded, "Thanks bros." He said after pretending to clear his ears from the yelling that just occurred.

Tobuscus was the first to answer, "Sorry man! We were just so. . . What do you call it? Pumped? We're so pumped!" He shouted happily.

Cry was the next to respond, "Sorry friend. But when you get old, we must celebrate!" He said jokingly, laughter following shortly after.

"Wow, you can feel the love. . . Wait." The Swede paused for a moment, confused. "Toby, you live in California and Cry lives in Florida. . . How are you two on the same Skype contact?" He questioned, taking note of how the webcam was shut, leaving Toby's humorous profile picture in it's spot.

Reading the blonde gamer's thoughts, Toby switched on the webcam, showing he was using his mobile device. A male with chocolate brown hair stood next to him, wearing his famous white polker face mask.

"What? How?" PewDie questioned, leaning closer to his camera. Marzia smiled softly to herself as she placed down her magazine, silently exiting the room as if on cue.

"Magic." Cry replied, causing chuckling to arise in the trio of friends.

PewDie opened his mouth to say something clever but the Skype call was dropped, as it showed Toby went offline.

"What the hell?"


"Hush hush now. Put those over there and those over there please." Marzia whispered to the Americans, helping set up PewDie's surprise party.

Cry and Toby hastily ran back and forth, setting up food and decorations until they were perfect. Footsteps sounded from down the hallway outside the front door and the trio hid quickly behind furniture. There was a long pause before three knocks sounded, followed by one, then two.

Marzia hurried to the peephole, finding the rest of the arrivers standing excitedly as they held their wrapped gifts. She quickly let them inside before shutting the door, helping them set down their gifts.

They all went over to hide behind the couch after making sure they shut off the lights. Stephano, Gonzales, Piggeh, Mr. Chair, Jennifer, Sven, Skully, Bunny, Mayo, Martin, Barrel, Bro, Untrusted, and Teleporting Naked Guy all huddled behind the small couch just as the front lock wiggled a bit, signaling the Swede was here.

As he opened the door, he squinted into the darkness before turning on the lights, causing the group to jump up in surprise, "Surprise!"

The Swede jumped back alarm, dropping the milk Marzia had sent him out to get, before running down the hallway screaming out, "FUCKING JUMP SCARES!"

The group laughed as Stephano went chasing after the gamer, eventually bringing him back, but not before a silent "Happy Birthday You Idiot" and a light punch on the shoulder.

The group conversed happily, even his enemies were being kind to him, which brought his attention.

"Why are you being so kind? We hate each other." PewDie said to the group of his enemies, confused by their actions of kindness.

The group looked at each other for a moment before nodding in unison. Barrel stepped forward, "Well. . . You're one year closer to death, am I right?"

Silence swept throughout the room before they all bursted into laughter at the Barrel's smart remark. They all shook their heads in a playful manner as Marzia called the group into the kitchen, pulling out the large iced ice cream cake.

They gathered behind the counter, in front of where the cake lay, as they sung a wild chorus of happy birthday. . .

Ending with Cry grabbing PewDie by the back of the head and slamming his face straight into the large baked good.

The Swede laughed as he flicked a piece of icing at the masked male, "You asshole!" He insulted playfully. An idea dawned on him as he made his way to Marzia, giving her kisses all over her face to get an equal amount of icing on her face as well.

Marzia protested laughing, making the Swede press on, eventually having to rush back to the cake, only to see Toby eat a large portion of it already. They split what was left of the cake evenly, moving back towards the living room.

The finished their cake while recalling fond memories they've had together, one of them being a hilarious one Stephano felt like sharing.

"And then PewDie got so scared he ran into the closet, but there was another bro there and he pissed on himself!" He exclaimed, causing him and the bro to erupt into a loud chorus of laughter, making the rest of the group join in.

PewDie set his empty plate on the table as did the others, "So. . . Boxes with mysterious things in them please?" He questioned, giving the group a look that a dog would give you when begging for bacon.

The group looked around a bit before Cry rose, going over to the table that held a mountain of wrapped boxes. He picked up a light blue one that was wrapped in white ribbon, a small tag read "To Pewds - From Cry." The Floridian handed over his  gift with ease.

"Toby helped me with it." Cry stated simply as he sat next to Pewds, Toby following the same motion as he scooted closer.

The Swede shot them both a joking yet accusing stare before ripping open the gift. He stared inside for a moment, pulling out a paper white mask identical to Cry's.

Toby helped him put it on as PewDie spoke, "Look I'm Cry!" He yelled, flailing his arms around.

He turned towards Cry, his eyebrows wiggling under the mask as he put on his best seductive voice, "Welcome to Cry Reads - Fifty Shades Of Grey."

The Americans gave out chuckles as they motioned to the box, making PewDie pull out a small Sup Guy.

"I have my own Cry! Woo-hoo!" He exclaimed before the edge of the envelope caught his eye underneath all the colored tissue paper.

"What the hell is this?" He questioned, looking towards the two snickering Americans.

"Just open it!" Toby complained, getting the nodding approval of the others in the group.

PewDie shot them all a glare before opening it, causing him to freeze for a moment.

Slowly, he pulled out a small package.


Cry and Toby then celebrated the rest of the Swede's birthday being chased around the apartment building.
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